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The rusted, squeaking door plunged open leaving the hinges hanging by a mere thread.The sound of faint howls echoed throughout the torn down mansion. We tip toed into what seemed to be the living room, though it seemed far too morbid to be called a living room. Suddenly, we saw in the midst of an old wooden table, the most frightening sight we had ever seen... AN OLD, STALE, BOX OF TEA BAGS! The sight was too much to bare, I screamed out ''Ahhhhhhh''
Suddenly I woke up, it was just a bad dream. One year later... T By Daniel was born.
Premium Quality loose leaf tea with a modern twist.

T By Daniel is a fairly new company who is endeavoring to add the ''WOW'' back into tea by seeking out rare, exotic teas and infusing these teas with a little ''show stopping style.'' We invite you to read our ABOUT page on our website ( ) to find out a little more of who we are.